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Asbestos Management Surveys Basingstoke

Do you require asbestos management surveys, Basingstoke clients? If so, you have certainly come to the right place, as that is exactly what we offer at Astech Environmental Ltd. We offer thorough asbestos surveys and other asbestos solutions, so just give us a call today on 01258 442270 to find out more.

The Best Asbestos Management Surveys Basingstoke Has to Offer

If you own or manage a non-domestic building, you will know that you need to have asbestos surveys carried out for legal reasons. However, finding a company that offers the most comprehensive asbestos management surveys in Basingstoke can be daunting, as there are many companies available. So, who do you choose to carry out your asbestos management survey?

In Basingstoke, you should always choose Astech Environmental Ltd to carry out your asbestos management surveys, as we are the premier team for this service. We boast a team of fully trained and qualified professionals, all of whom can carry out a thorough asbestos survey without being too intrusive.

At Astech Environmental Ltd, you can trust us to provide the best asbestos management surveys Basingstoke has to offer. We are thorough with our surveys, ensuring any trace of asbestos is found and identified, and we will provide comprehensive reports once the survey is completed.

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Call our friendly team today on 01258 453041

What is an Asbestos Management Survey?

An asbestos management survey is a specific type of asbestos survey, alongside other variations such as refurbishment and demolition surveys. These surveys are used to locate any asbestos in your property and determine whether the asbestos-containing materials have been damaged or are likely to be damaged and disturbed.

It is a legal requirement for those who own or manage a non-domestic property built before the year 2000 to have regular asbestos management surveys carried out, as per The Construction (Design and Management) Regulations of 2015. You have a responsibility to identify asbestos-containing materials through a professional survey and have them updated regularly on an asbestos report and register.

Failure to properly manage any asbestos in your property can leave visitors to your property exposed, leading to legal prosecution on your part.

Our Asbestos Management Survey Process

Here at Astech Environmental Ltd, we understand how important it is to locate and identify all asbestos in a property, for both legal and health reasons. As such, we always provide a comprehensive and thorough asbestos management survey on every property we are hired to inspect.

We start with arranging a convenient date to visit your property and have your asbestos management survey carried out. Our expert team are always thorough in their approach, and they will check every area of your building where asbestos-containing materials can be found, such as:

  • Vinyl Flooring
  • Insulation Board Panels
  • Bonded Cement
  • Gaskets
  • Spray Coating

Once we have completed the asbestos management surveys, Basingstoke clients, we will draw up a comprehensive report for you, complete with photographic evidence of any areas with asbestos. You can use this report as proof that all the necessary asbestos checks have been carried out on your property.

The reports that we provide upon completion of an asbestos management survey are clear and concise. We detail all the areas in which asbestos has been found in your property, so that you can keep these asbestos-containing materials in top condition, ensuring everyone’s safety in the property.

Once we have completed asbestos management surveys, Basingstoke clients, we will always advise you on the next steps to be taken. If we deem your asbestos-containing materials safe, undamaged, and unlikely to be disturbed, they can be left in place and monitored.

However, if we feel the asbestos-containing materials are damaged or cause a safety issue, we will recommend removal or encapsulation of the asbestos, which is something we can carry out for you.


Our Recent Projects

We understand that, while hearing about our asbestos management surveys in Basingstoke can be helpful, you might wish to read about some of the work we have carried out for other clients. If this is the case, head over to our recent projects page, where we have written up details regarding some of the many asbestos projects we have taken on and completed.

These projects cover domestic, commercial, and industrial clients from Dorset and beyond, and they detail our work and knowledge regarding asbestos surveys, sample analysis, and asbestos removal.

Why Choose Us for an Asbestos Management Survey?

Welcome to Astech Environmental Ltd, a fully licensed, privately own asbestos removal company that has been established since 1992. While we are based in Blandford Forum, we cater to the asbestos requirements of clients across Dorset and beyond, including Wiltshire, Hampshire, Devon, and Somerset. So, if you require asbestos management surveys in Basingstoke, our team can assist.

As a company, we are members of ACAD and TICA, which both show our experience and knowledge working safely with asbestos. You can trust that, regardless of the asbestos service you require, we provide a safe service that complies with all regulations. This includes our asbestos management surveys, Basingstoke clients.

We offer free consultations for every client, providing expert advice when required, so simply get in touch with us today to get the process started.

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If you require asbestos management surveys, Basingstoke clients, look no further than Astech Environmental Ltd. To find out more or to book a survey, call us today on 01258 442270, fill out our contact form, or send an email to We will be more than happy to assist you further.