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Asbestos Sample Analysis

Asbestos sample analysis has become more common over time as the necessity to identify specific types of asbestos has become apparent. To have such a service carried out, you’ll require the help of fully trained professionals who have access to a state-of-the-art laboratory.

Our Analysis Process

Once we at Astech Environmental Ltd have carried out an asbestos survey on your site, we can then take samples of the fibres found and arrange for analysis to be carried out. This process involves taking the samples collected and sending them to a UKAS accredited laboratory. Through a series of thorough tests, our partners will be able to identify what type of asbestos you’re dealing with and recommend the appropriate action to take.

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What is Asbestos Sample Analysis?

There are three types of asbestos most commonly found in the UK: Chrysotile (white), Amosite (brown), and Crocidolite (blue). The type of removal or encapsulation required to be carried out will depend on what asbestos product is present within your property. It is, therefore, highly recommended that you have sample analysis carried out on asbestos to determine which type is in your home.

These types of asbestos can be found in various areas throughout a property, including:

  • Insulation Board Panels
  • Bonded Cement
  • Spray Coating
  • Gaskets
  • Vinyl Flooring
  • And More!

To find out if any of these materials have asbestos, and if so, which type, you should have sample analysis carried out in your home.

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Straightforward Service

We pride ourselves on offering a comprehensive yet simple sample analysis service to clients. When you deal with our team, you can expect them to always be clear as to their process and keep you fully informed on the analysis progress. Where possible, we can even get reports emailed to you within 24 hours! If you have any questions throughout the process, our team will be more than willing to provide answers.

A Trustworthy Laboratory

We want clients to know that they’re getting accurate sample analysis when they deal with our team. As such, we send our samples to our partner companies who have a UKAS accredited laboratory.

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If you require sample testing to be carried out on the asbestos present in your property, then don’t hesitate to contact us at Astech Environmental Ltd today. Our team are more than happy to discuss our sample analysis services at length, so call us now on 01258453041 or email to learn more.