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Asbestos Surveying Ewell

Are you looking for a team that excels at asbestos surveying, Ewell customers? Then look no further than Astech Environmental Ltd – the leading supplier of asbestos surveys, asbestos removal, and asbestos sampling analysis in Surrey. We are fully trained and licensed asbestos specialists and are equipped to handle asbestos-related requests of any size. 

We’re committed to protecting our customers and the environment, and this is evident in our stalwart approach to tackling asbestos. We’ve been operating since 1992, and over the last 21 years, we’ve rendered hundreds of properties safe from asbestos. We offer comprehensive analysis to identify the types of asbestos present. And our asbestos removal services are carried out correctly and in line with all legal requirements. 

It all begins with one of our asbestos surveys. Surrey customers, save money and make safe your homes by calling Astech Environmental Ltd today on 01258 442 270. Even if you’re unsure of the presence of asbestos, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. 

Asbestos Surveying Ewell You Can Rely On 

Here at Astech Environmental Ltd, we’re committed to providing customers with fully comprehensive, affordable asbestos-related services. These include asbestos removals and sample analysis. But prior to this, the presence of asbestos must first be established. That’s where asbestos surveys enter the picture. 

You’ve likely heard of asbestos but might not be entirely sure what it is and why it’s so harmful. Asbestos is a fibrous silicate material that occurs naturally. There are six types of asbestos, and they are all composed of thin, fibrous crystals, and each fibre is composed of microscopic fibrils. 

Asbestos boasts many excellent qualities, such as being heat, electricity, and corrosion-resistant. Because of this, it was widely used in the building and construction industry until the late 1990s, mostly as insulation. The drawback of asbestos is that it’s also highly hazardous. 

When disturbed, the microscopic fibrils are dispersed into the air. They can then be inhaled and drawn into the lungs, where they cause extensive scarring. This results in the development of various asbestos-related illnesses, many of which can prove fatal. 

So, if asbestos is present, its identification through asbestos surveys is imperative. And if found and deemed a risk, asbestos removal is a mandatory next step.  

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What Is Asbestos Surveying?  

Any property that was constructed before 2000 has a good chance of containing asbestos. If your property has never been surveyed, then you’re advised to book one of our asbestos surveys as soon as possible. The longer you put this off, the more you’re putting yourself and your family at risk from harmful fibres that might potentially be disturbed. 

The purpose of asbestos surveys is for a professional team to assess the situation, determine the presence of asbestos, and whether it poses any threat. The next step would be to take appropriate action. This could be asbestos encapsulation or asbestos removal, depending on the likelihood of the asbestos causing serious health issues further down the line. 

Asbestos surveys are legally required for all non-domestic properties under Regulation 4 of the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012. This regulation states that non-domestic property owners in the UK are responsible for ensuring surveys are completed on their premises. Regulation 5 of the same legislation states that surveys must be completed before any renovation work is carried out. 

Once a survey is concluded, a written report must be created and submitted to the relevant governing body. While asbestos surveys aren’t mandatory for domestic property owners, they are highly recommended. 

Astech Environmental Ltd provides a swift and thorough service that complies with all legal requirements. We establish the presence of asbestos and recommend the correct course of action. We handle all aspects of the written report, including submitting photographic evidence. Our report will detail the extent of the asbestos and our recommended course of action. 

Once completed, we can move on to the next steps, with services available that include asbestos removal. 

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Benefits of Asbestos Surveying

We cannot stress just how important an asbestos survey is if the presence of asbestos is suspected. Here are just a few reasons why you should book a survey if you’re in any way concerned: 

  • Protect Your Family’s/ Occupant’s Health 
  • Shield Yourself from Liability 
  • Comply with Legal Requirements 

This is easily the most important benefit of an asbestos survey. Because asbestos can be harmful, even deadly, if inhaled, you must consider the safety of your family or the building’s occupants (tenants, employees, etc.). It’s never worth risking anyone’s health to save money, so if the property was built before 2000, request an asbestos survey. 

It goes without saying, but if you don’t take steps to protect your employees, tenants, etc., then you leave yourself wide open to legal action. You are responsible for the safety of anyone who enters the building, even tradesmen and other professionals carrying out jobs on the premises. 

If anyone is exposed to asbestos while inside the building, they could choose to take legal action against you. This is especially true if you approve re-modelling work or any sort of renovations that result in the asbestos fibres being dispersed into the air. So, if you own a non-domestic building, block of flats, etc., get it checked to protect yourself from liability. 

Lastly, and crucially, it is a legal requirement for non-domestic properties. In fact, if you own a non-domestic property, there really is no choice in the matter. Failure to take these necessary steps could have dire legal consequences for you. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requires all local educational agencies to inspect school buildings for asbestos. 

In addition, there are regulations in place to protect workers when impacting hazardous materials. Not to mention, a host of other laws govern asbestos present in a whole host of other non-domestic properties. In short, asbestos surveys and asbestos removal, Surrey customers, is in nearly all cases entirely compulsory. So, having a survey carried out will keep you legally compliant. 

Why Choose Astech Asbestos Surveying Ewell  

Here at Astech Environmental Ltd, we’re proud of our status as the top asbestos removal and surveying specialists in Surrey. Founded in 1992, we’ve been delivering professional, reliable services for over 20 years. In that time, we’ve garnered a stellar reputation as a company that can be counted on to provide complete peace of mind. 

We’ve continued to go from strength to strength, becoming the privately-owned asbestos removal and surveying company of choice in Ewell. 

It all begins with a FREE consultation with one of our trained asbestos specialists. We’ll provide you with FREE advice and suggestions and ensure that you’re made fully aware of the situation and what steps must be taken to ensure the safety of those occupying the building. 

In our 20+ years of service, we’ve assisted countless customers throughout the local area and beyond. From asbestos surveys to encapsulation, sample analysis, and asbestos removal, no request is too much for us to handle. Whether you’re moving into a new property built before 2000 or looking to safeguard your employees, tenants, etc., we’re the company to call. 

Our asbestos services are competitively priced, and all our costs are always disclosed upfront, with no obligation on your part to proceed. And all our asbestos services are carried out by our highly trained, fully qualified, and licensed team of knowledgeable employees. We’ve amassed a loyal client base in our years of operation thanks to our comprehensive range of asbestos-related services. 

And as a company, we’re proud members of the Thermal Insulation Contractors Association (TICA) and the Asbestos Control and Abatement Division (ACAD). In other words, when hiring our company, you can derive peace of mind that we’re delivering services that fully comply with all current legislations. And we stay up to speed with any changes that might occur. 

To learn more about asbestos removal and surveying provided by Astech Environmental Ltd, contact our team today. 

Additional Services We Offer 

At Astech Environmental Ltd, we recognise that no two customers will necessarily have the same requirements. Asbestos surveys are the start of it, but not necessarily the end. For instance, the specific asbestos present might need further examination to identify. Or you might be planning extensive works, or the asbestos might be too dangerous to simply encapsulate, necessitating asbestos removal. 

To that end, we provide additional services, including: 

You can learn more about these services below or by calling Astech Environmental Ltd. These are by no means an exhaustive list of our capabilities. See our full list of services on our website. 

Asbestos Removal 

Following an asbestos survey, we’ll make our recommendations. If the asbestos is unlikely to be disturbed and no works are planned, we can encapsulate it. Otherwise, asbestos removal will be needed to ensure the property is safe to inhabit. 

This could be because the asbestos has already been damaged or works are planned that are likely to cause damage to the asbestos. If either case is true, then asbestos removal will be recommended by our specialists. First, let’s discuss asbestos encapsulation. 

This is carried out in cases where the asbestos is deemed safe, although it still must be secured. A protective layer is applied over the asbestos and fastened, preventing any fibres from breaking off. 

However, if asbestos removal is needed, then all asbestos-containing materials are meticulously removed and disposed of by our team in line with current guidelines. 

Once we’ve concluded our survey and identified areas where asbestos is present, we’ll create an asbestos management plan that details how the asbestos will be dealt with. Sample analysis will also be performed if we’re unable to visually identify the asbestos present. Some asbestos types are more hazardous than others; asbestos removal is required if these more hazardous types are present. 

We ensure that asbestos is removed safely and correctly, and we follow all legal guidelines and legislation. Our team will remove asbestos from all areas, including:  

  • Internal and External Walls  
  • Pipes and Insulation Systems  
  • Roofs  
  • Ceilings  
  • Construction Sites  

Refurbishment and Demolition Surveys  

If any refurbishment or demolition work is planned on a building built before 2000, then you absolutely must enquire about one of our refurbishment and demolition surveys. Our specialist team will assess every area that’s due to be worked on, identifying any asbestos-containing materials (ACM) before any further action is taken. 

Remember that if a survey is not performed, you could be liable if any of the workers end up coming into contact with asbestos. Plus, if asbestos is discovered, this will result in costly delays while the asbestos is dealt with. 

We’ll carry out the survey and put together a detailed report indicating where the ACMs were found, what type of asbestos is present, and a plan of action for the ACM’s removal. Our reports are coupled with photographic evidence and are compiled to comply with all asbestos regulations. 

The report is then used to best determine how to proceed with the removal of the ACMs and will determine whether the planned works will damage or disrupt the asbestos. If the work doesn’t have any bearing on the asbestos, we might recommend encapsulating it instead. 

Otherwise, any work will need to be put on hold until the asbestos removal can be carried out. Refurbishment and demolition surveys differ from regular surveys as they are destructive, and we need to examine every nook and cranny. For this reason, these surveys can only be performed in unoccupied buildings. 

Because asbestos can be found throughout a building, we’ll need to check the whole property from top to bottom. Rest assured that we will work quickly and efficiently, minimising any disruption that you might experience. 

When carrying out these kinds of surveys, we’re looking for all types of ACMs, including: 

  • Spray Coating  
  • Gaskets  
  • Vinyl Flooring  
  • Insulation Board Panels  
  • Bonded Cement 

Asbestos Sample Analysis 

In addition to asbestos removal and surveying, our Surrey team also carries out sample analysis. Sample analysis occurs prior to asbestos removal or encapsulation. This is because there are different types of asbestos, and some are more harmful than others. 

Asbestos sample analysis involves taking samples of the fibres found. These samples are taken to a UKAS-accredited laboratory, where they are analysed through a series of tests. Our partner lab will quickly and accurately identify the type of asbestos present so that the right course of action can be taken. 

The three main types of asbestos found in the UK are: 

  • Chrysotile (White) 
  • Amosite (Brown) 
  • Crocidolite (Blue) 

As stated above, the type of removal or encapsulation carried out will depend on the type of asbestos present. Therefore, we highly recommend having a sample analysis carried out. 

As a company, we take immense pride in providing Ewell customers with an unbeatable sampling analysis service. We’ll sit you down, talk you through the results, explain everything in clear and concise terms, and explain what must happen next. 

You can expect to receive our report within 24 hours of the sample being taken. And you can trust that we only ever use a UKAS-accredited lab that we trust. 

To learn more about our sample analysis service, pick up the phone and give our asbestos removal and surveying specialists a call today. 


We’re confident you won’t find superior asbestos removal and surveying services anywhere else in Ewell, Surrey. So confident are we in our asbestos removal and surveying capabilities that we’ve posted testimonials on our website. 

Hopefully, these kind words should convince you that we’re the company to call if you suspect asbestos in your home or non-domestic property. 

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So, if you want to book your asbestos survey, you know now who to call. Here at Astech Environmental Ltd, we specialise in all asbestos-related services, from asbestos surveys to asbestos removal. We possess a wealth of knowledge and experience, having provided cost-effective solutions to customers for countless years. 

You can count on our highly trained, qualified, and licensed waste management professionals. We’ll ensure you receive the right service, leaving your property safe to inhabit and you free of any concerns. If you have any questions about our process, we’re always on hand to provide answers. And we’d be happy to discuss your request with you in more detail. 

To get in touch, use one of three methods. Either pick up the phone and call our Ewell team to book one of our asbestos surveys, fill out our online contact form, or email We’ll respond to your written query as quickly as possible.