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Bacteria Cleansing


During the COVID-19 pandemic, we at Astech Environmental Ltd have pooled together our resources and innovated so as to offer an invaluable cleaning service to our clients.

Using specialised chemicals and equipment, our highly trained team can thoroughly cleanse a range of different public environments to reduce the spread of this deadly virus.

Read on to learn more about the areas we can service and find out how our team can help make your environment safer for visitors.

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Hospitals Bacteria Cleansing

Hospitals & Care Homes

It is vital that healthcare establishments are kept as clean as possible during this testing time as patients depend on these areas being free from harmful bacteria. Our team can thoroughly clean waiting rooms, wards, and more to ensure that patients/residents feel safe.

Bacteria Cleansing Schools


Parents are, of course, concerned about the safety of their kids being at school during a pandemic. By hiring our team, schools can make sure that key social areas are cleansed, including canteens, classrooms and sports halls.

Hotel Refurbishment Surveys


Despite the pandemic, many are still required to travel, so a lot of hotels have had to remain open. To make sure that your establishment is safe for guests to stay in, it is essential to have professional cleaning carried out by a team such as ours regularly. Thanks to our specialised equipment, we can have all of your rooms and leisure areas clean in no time.

Refurbishment and Demolition Surveys Gym

Leisure Centres

Gyms and leisure centres are an important part of many people’s everyday lives, so it is essential to keep them safe for people to use. By using our team, you can ensure that all workout equipment, changing rooms, and seating areas are safe for visitors to use during their visit.

Asbestos Surveys Shopping Centre

Shopping Centres

Centres remain crucial for many who need to purchase essential items during this pandemic. To make sure that such a vast indoor space is free from bacteria, it is essential to have it cleaned professionally by a dedicated team such as ours. While it may take longer, due to their size, we can ensure that your centre is safe for shoppers to roam freely.

Asbestos Removal Restaurant


Hygiene has always been important in eateries and is now even more so with the rise of COVID-19. To ensure that harmful bacteria is killed and your establishment is a safe one for people to visit, be sure to take advantage of our team and the sophisticated cleaning equipment they have available.

Public Transport Astech Environmental

Public Transport

Many people rely on public transport every day when going to and from work. To make sure that these vital systems are as safe to use as possible, it is imperative that buses, trains, and other vehicles are professionally cleaned. Our team have the tools to get the job done effectively.



It’s a concerning time for agriculture workers who don’t want to see their livestock be decimated by disease. By hiring our team, you can reduce the spread of harmful bacteria amongst livestock and ensure that your animals, as well as onsite employees, remain healthy.

Asteh Environmental

Places of Worship

Churches, mosques, synagogues and other worship areas are a vital centre of the community for many people. To ensure that these places remain safe to visit during this testing time, it is imperative that all seats, mats, and other frequently touched objects are cleaned often by a team such as ours.

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