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The benefits of an alcohol-free life

The benefits of an alcohol-free life

benefits of living alcohol free

Some of my relationships faded away, but many grew stronger. In the end, the people who mattered supported my sobriety, and I’m now able to enjoy more authentic time with them. Drinking also meant I spent more on Ubers, hangover food delivery, impulsive online shopping and more. Cutting out alcohol meant decreasing these other expenses. Sobriety also improved my mental clarity, which also has an impact on my spending.

benefits of living alcohol free

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I was terrified that a life without alcohol would be boring and deprived. Now, after five years of sobriety, I know this couldn’t be further from the truth. Getting rid of alcohol was the portal to living my best life, the complete opposite of what I was expecting.

You’ll become a badass

Previously, Ellie has worked with BBC Good Food, The Big Issue, and the Nottingham Post, as well as freelancing as an arts and entertainment writer alongside her studies. When she’s not got her nose in a book, you’ll probably find Ellie jogging around her local park, indulging in an insta-worthy restaurant, or watching Netflix’s newest true crime documentary. Meanwhile, a study published in Reproductive BioMedicine Online found that “alcohol intake has a detrimental effect on semen volume”.

  • With the goal to stay physically fit in mind, it is easier to resist alcohol and fight any urges.
  • When a person has a stabilized mood it helps them relieve stress and get off their negative emotions, which keeps the mind and body healthy and sound.
  • The problem is that there’s a fine line between ‘moderate’ and ‘excessive’, and in many countries, excessive drinking isn’t just tolerated, but also encouraged.
  • People are more aware of the kind of drinker they are.
  • If you want to socialise, go out with your friends for either breakfast or brunch.

Improved Relationships With Loved Ones

Alcoholic beverages are a source of added sugar and empty calories. Binge drinking can lead to consuming an extra 600 calories or more in a day. According to Volpicelli, the cognitive changes people can have from drinking—like memory trouble, slowed reaction time, difficulty controlling behavior, and poor concentration—get worse over time. Neurotransmitters can rebound beyond their usual activity levels, which can leave you feeling anxious and irritable. Volpicelli explains that this volleying can also lead to low motivation or anxiety and depression.

Helps Your Brain

But of course, I am lucky in that I’m able to get amazing guests. So, you know, I had Catherine gray and Annie grace on and Jason Vale and just loads of amazing people and lots of sober heroes and, and so yeah, it’s just it’s gone from strength to strength. It’s a bit of a labor of love, as you know, quite hard work sometimes keeping it going. They wouldn’t be listening to this podcast, they won’t be reading the books, they will never Google.

The Benefits of Quitting Alcohol

Am I drinking too much anymore than I will ever Google? And you know, if there’s one in the house, I might even make a kiwi fruit salad tomorrow, and then I’m not gonna have another one for six months, or I don’t care. So, I think you know benefits of living alcohol free what, once you ditch the booze, then almost everyone starts to become really interested in all the other pieces. Because how will you not you know, once you start to like yourself, and you what you can start to focus on self-care.

Not drinking alcohol can help you lose weight

You know what I mean by that is, people who genuinely do have an off switch, who are genuinely moderate drinkers, there are some. So, I, I wrote the book, happy, healthy, sober, ditch the booze and take control of your life. Well, I mean, the title is really important, you know, the ditch the booze part, because I never use the phrase giving up, as we alluded to before, because you’re not giving anything up. And, and I really wanted to include, you know, happy, healthy, sober, because it is important for that, to have that emotional wellbeing piece.

Lower risk of diabetes

benefits of living alcohol free

My first question of the day was “how bad do I feel? ” Now, I wake up feeling like my happy, healthy self. Long-term alcohol drinking may also lead to alcohol use disorder, which involves difficulty stopping or regulating alcohol consumption despite negative social and health consequences. Researchers have linked moderate alcohol consumption with increased insulin sensitivity, which may lower diabetes risk.

Lowered alcohol consumption will boost your immune system

  • I have been more mindful in what I purchase and when, and this has made a huge difference on both my financial health and my overall happiness.
  • Volpicelli says that some of the negative effects of alcohol on mental health can be reversed if you stop drinking.
  • Unhealthy alcohol use can increase the risk of many serious health conditions such as cancer, heart disease, and liver disease.
  • Sobriety also improved my mental clarity, which also has an impact on my spending.
  • Gone are the days when designated drivers were restricted to coke or lemonade.